O1 Tool Steel-  This is a very good all around steel with good edge retention and toughness.  Although it does not have the edge retention of 52100 it is a very good all around steel. I now only offer O1 in 5/32" stock. 

52100 High Carbon Steel-  This steel has become my favorite steel due to it's ability to take and hold a very fine edge while still being very tough.  This steel is tougher than O1 Tool Steel, and will take and hold a much sharper edge.  My knives are now (as of March 2017) heat treated by Peters Heat Treating to a 59RC, and are given a cryo treatment at -300F.  What this does is bring this steel to it's best possible performance; making it far out preform O1 in edge retention, toughness and edge stability.  Additionally, it doesn't patina as fast as most other carbon steels, and is able to take one of the sharpest edges around due to its very fine grain.    52100 is marked by a small punch stamp under my "A" stamp makers mark. If you have one of my knives with this mark it's 52100!!!

Scandivex Grind- This grind is very similar in performance to the Flat Scandi when it comes to wood carving, but the convex of the grind makes it much  better at tasks such as skinning and slicing because of the pronounced shoulders of the scandai grind being taken down. Another advantage of the Scandivex is the fact that you don't need perfectly flat stones to maintain your edge.  All you need is a good strop for 99% of your maintenance, and a basic oil stone for touch ups from time to time.  All in all I highly recommend and greatly prefer the Scandivex over the Flat Scandi Grind.

Flat Scandi Grind-  This grind is a pure wood carving grind.  While it won't preform most tasks as well as the other grinds, if your looking for a purebred wood carving knife, than the Flat Scandi is the way to go.  Another nice thing about the Flat Scandi grind is that due to the zero degree grind with no secondary bevel it basically has it's own angle guide for sharpening.  simply put the bevel flat on a stone and begin sharpening.  DO NOT PUT A SECONDARY BEVAL ON THIS GRIND!!!!!!!

Flat Grind- This is a very good all around grind that is easy to sharpen and maintain.  My Standard Grind is a flat grind with a very slightly convexed edge to remove as much of the secondary shoulder as posable to increase cutting performance.  While not as good as a Scandai or Convex for wood carving it is still quite good, and will give you a knife that is a good slicer and is easy to sharpen in the field.  

1084 High Carbon Steel-  This is a basic carbon steel with good toughness, good edge retention and an ability to take a razor sharp edge!  This is my go to steel for my line of hand forged knives do to it's performance and ease of working.  1084 will take the edge of 52100 but will hold it about as long as O1 and is extremely easy to resharpen.  Toughness is about the same as 1095.  Unless otherwise marked all of my hand forged knives are made of 1084.


Convex Grind-  The Convex Grind is a good all around grind that will perform a lot of tasks well and is easy to sharpen and maintain.  While not quite as good at slicing as a flat grind, it is tougher and works better for battening and wood carving. The Convex Grind is a better bushcraft grind than a flat grind, and is very easily to maintain your edge in the field.  In my opinion the Convex Grind is the best do it all grind for hunting, bushcraft and utility work.

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