​Handcrafted Knives

How long is your wait list?-  As of 11/30/16 the wait is about 8+ months.  When to books open on April 1st the wait should be 2-3 months.

Knife F.A.Q.

What grind would you most recommend for bushcraft?- I prefer the convex and scandivex for most bushcraft tasks. The convex is a better do it all grind while the scandivex is a little better at carving. Both can easily be maintained in the field with a good strop. The flat scandi works well too, but is not as good at other tasks as the scandivex with about the same carving ability.

How would you recommend sharpening my knife?-  I recommend using a strop to keep it sharp.  It's the old saying; "A knife should be sharpened once and honed for a lifetime" .  Now if you do need to sharpen it I recommend using a good pair of oil or water stones.  One to sharpen, and one to refine the edge before stroping for the final polish.

Do you do your own Heat Treat?-   I now (as of March 2017) send all of my blades to Peters Heat Treating.  What this means is a faster turn around time on custom orders as well as a better heat treat.  My knives are heat treated to a 59rc with a -300 cryo treatment which brings the maximum performance out of the 52100 steel.  With this heat treat my 52100 knives will out preform any O1 blade around in toughness, edge retention and edge stability.  I also send all of my AEB-L stainless steel blade to Peters as well.

Do you make more orders or do you make more available?-  I do a mix of both so that there is always some on hand for those who don't like to wait for a couple of months for a custom order.  Custom Orders are for those who don't see just what they want and don't mind the wait.