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BLADE SHOW 2017!!!

  As many of you guys already know I will be going to blade this year!!  I will be set up with John of Badgerclaw Leatherworks with some of the knives I make for him as well as a few extras for display.  I won't be selling any at the show this time around sense I'll be at his table, but I'll have a lot of nice knives to look at.  All of the knives that I take will be available for sale on the store right after I get back, June 7th.

  Preparing for blade has caused a slight delay in the orders, but only by a couple of weeks.  Most of the older orders will be finished before we leave, and what isn't will be finished very quickly after we get back.  The new orders will start to go out by the 3-4th week of June.

  I also want to say that if you have been thinking of getting a custom order in now would be the time to do it!!!!  The current wait time for new orders is 3 months, but this is my first time going to blade and I don't know what it will do to the order list.  There is a chance it will get much longer, so now would be the time to place a custom order.

  I look forward to seeing some of you guys there!!!


News / Announcements


   First off I wanted to thank everybody for their patience with me after blade while I have been trying to get orders rolling again.

  I am nearly finished with all of the older orders and I'm now starting to grind out orders placed on April 1st.  These orders should start to ship in a couple of weeks, but Im not sure on an exact date just yet.  New orders look to be right at 3 months even after blade show.

  THREE MODELS BEING REMOVED FROM THE ORDER LIST-  Now that I have so many models it is becoming to complicated for custom order so I will be removing three of the least ordered models for the foreseeable future.  
These models will be up until the end of the month and than will be gone for good!  If you have been thinking about getting one now is your last chance!!!

The models are-

The XL Trapper

The Packrat
The Sloydsman