Handcrafted Knives


The order books are temporarily closed as of Nov. 30th and will be reopening in the spring!           

                                   The wait time for current orders is about 6-8 months- 11/16/16                                                      

  1.  All my knives are extremely sharp when shipped. Be careful when unpacking.

  2.   Must be at least 18 yrs old to purchase a knife.  Certain States have laws pertaining to Knives.  It is the buyers responsibility to be aware of those laws before ordering.  Remember, knives are sharp and can be  dangerous. I hold no responsibility for knife wielding injuries or improper use of a blade.  ALWAYS Treat a knife with respect.  I hold no Liability.  

  3.  Shipping charges vary depending on the size of the knife, insurance, and so forth.  I can work with you on any special shipping, such as Priority mail, UPS, etc...  All stateside orders plan on adding at least $10.00 per knife.  Smaller sized knives are $7.00 .

  4.  Custom ordering or special ordering a knife can only be done through AA Forge Custom Knives Store.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call me at (513)- 668-8716 or e-mailing me at aaforge@hotmail.com . If you call and I don't answer, leave a message and your call will be returned ASAP.  Custom Orders can be placed through the store 24/7 while the books are open- Please see the Order Status page for more details.

  5.  For Custom Orders- simply go to the store and then select the custom order model page.  Once in use the drop down menus to choose the specs for your knife!  Due to many customers failing to communicate with me on "Build Than Pay" orders I have now taken that option off.  When you place a custom order, for one month after the order date 50% of the payment is counted as a nonrefundable deposit.  After one month has passed the order is 100% nonrefundable.     

  6. If you are an Ohio resident a sale tax of 7% will need to be charged.